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Post-Mainnet Hardware Update

January 12, 2023

Preorders Summary

  • CalChip, our fulfillment partner for the US and Canada has completed shipping all preorders (devices ordered before November 14th) and is on to shipping new orders.

  • Linxdot, our fulfillment partner for the UK has completed shipping all preorders (devices ordered before November 14th) and is on to shipping new orders!

  • LoRin Network, our fulfillment partner for the rest of Europe is continuing to ship preorders and is currently on order #4043. There are 126 number of orders remaining
    • NOTE: Since there are now 3 fulfillment centers, orders are not necessarily shipped in sequential order. For example, if orders 4001-4100 are in the UK but orders 3999 and 4101 are in the US, you can expect 4101 to ship before 4100. Why? In this hypothetical example, the US warehouse only has two orders to ship, while the UK warehouse has 100 to ship.

Fulfillment History

We’re sharing below the complete fulfillment history. We’ve always aimed to push out as many shipments per month as possible while balancing inventory constraints and any quality control. Those very factors: inventory and quality control, are the reason the last second half of 2022 ranges from 6 devices shipped per month to over 1,200. 

Fulfillment graph

As you can see, European fulfillment started in December after some earlier tests and is now ramping up in January.


Manufacturing is completely on track and stable. We’re aware of some complaints around the ink on the AutoPi barcodes and are looking to remedy this ASAP.

New Orders

Now that 2 out of 3 warehouses are done with preorders and moving on to new orders, what are lead times? We are still seeing orders take about 6 weeks to fulfill. We’re watching inventory carefully and looking for ways to speed things up. We’re taking the old approach “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” to ramp things up properly after a year of ups and downs.

What does this all mean for network growth?

What does this all mean for connections? Growth is continuing to explode across all connection types. All time vehicles connected is over 5k. About 80% of those connect every single week.

Network growth

On Device connections alone, there is going to be a huge growth explosion. 1,530 of the 4,124 devices shipped are fully (including the onchain pieces) connected. 441 users who received their devices before Mainnet launch still have to go back and re-pair their devices (if this is you and you need help, please contact support@dimo.zone or book an installation support call here.

Many users are still receiving, unboxing, and installing devices. The Network is poised to rip as more users take the steps to get connected.

Shop Updates

We’re excited to announce the launch of Buy Now Pay Later options on the DIMO Shop. This means you can buy a 1-2 DIMO Devices with a 4-installment payment plan over two months. For one device, that’s less than $100 per payment.

If you’re buying 3 or more devices, you might qualify for longer-term payment plans (3, 6, or 12 months). With the discount code MAINNET, you can save $40/device and with a 12-mo payment plan, you might pay around $100/mo for 3 devices. Note: these plans are up to the full discretion of Shop Pay Installments and their partner Affirm, so neither Digital Infrastructure Inc. nor the DIMO Foundation can guarantee what offers are provided to you with the Installments option.

Buy Now: Shop.DIMO.zone

3 devices with discount code MAINNET

For more, check out the following links:

Download the app

Buy the device

Discord (our online community)

Written by: Alex Rawitz Cofounder

Alex Rawitz has spent 10 years in and around startups in the crypto and IoT world, and is always looking to put these technologies to work making people’s lives better. Prior to DIMO, Alex worked with exchanges, defi protocols, and fintechs at Chainalysis. Before that he worked in sales at Servato, an IoT company in the telecom space. He started his career at a startup accelerator, The Idea Village, in New Orleans.

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