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DIMO Rewards

Get connected.
Get rewarded.

Owning your data means having a say in how it's shared—and getting a share of the rewards. Plus, track diagnostics, read error codes, and manage maintenance in one easy-to-use app.

How it works

Earn by connecting your car. 

You’ll receive DIMO Rewards just for connecting your car. For any car 2008 or newer, simply plug in your DIMO device and download the DIMO Mobile app. 

Have the Tesla app or Smartcar Connect? You can start earning today with the free DIMO Mobile app. 

Bonus Rewards

Earn and save in the DIMO Marketplace.

DIMO users receive personalized offers and discounts. From regular maintenance to financing to EV charging, the DIMO Marketplace makes earning and saving simple. It's just like any other loyalty reward system, but for the money you spend on your car. 

Earning for Developers

Contribute to the DIMO Ecosystem.

Through the DIMO Ignite Grants Program, you can contribute to the growth of the project by building apps on the DIMO Ecosystem.  Grants provide milestone-based funding to builders contributing to infrastructure and apps that bring value to DIMO users.

The DIMO community

Join the movement. 

DIMO Rewards are an ERC-20 token on Polygon. Built on a blockchain, these points can be used to vote in the DIMO ecosystem or gain exclusive access to everything from merch drops, NFT mints and DIMO events.

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