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Build useful apps
for every vehicle

DIMO enables a new class of vehicle apps to be built on real-world data. If you have a mobility application or want to expand your car’s functionality, join the DIMO movement.

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A modern, open-source tech stack

Develop the apps of the future using trusted, authenticated and cryptographically secure data—and put them to the test on DIMO-enabled cars in the field.

Develop Apps that run where users are

Enthusiasts and small communities have worked to crack DBC codes so they can better understand their own vehicles and provide a service to others.

The DIMO stack

Building apps for cars was almost impossible—DIMO makes it possible. Take your mobility app to the next level with the DIMO network’s open device data.

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Get started with DIMO

Leverage DIMO's stack to take your app to the next level.

Build on DIMO

the future of mobility

Build great mobility apps

DIMO gives you the tools and data you need to enhance your app or service. Build for EVs, build for fleets, or build for anyone – we're here to help, so feel free to get in touch with us and we'll get you set up on DIMO.

  • On-Demand Maintenance

    Build a distributed on-demand service that helps repair cars faster and more intelligently. 

  • Battery Intelligence

    Take all of the EV data on DIMO and derive insights that will help EV owners get the most out of their cars. 

  • Car Sharing

    Use car NFTs to delegate access to users and truly make a flexible car sharing service. 

  • Fleet Telematics

    Build a robust, predictive fleet telematics service that maximizes each vehicle for drivers and operators. 

  • Vehicle Financing

    Make vehicle financing that's more data-driven and transparent. 

  • Car Insurance

    Make car insurance more affordable (and accurate)

  • Fleet Electrification

    Help more fleets go electric with purchasing recommendations and aggregate fleet benchmarking.

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