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Introducing fleets

Connect and manage multiple vehicles

Do you have a fleet? Get in touch so we can connect your fleet to DIMO today.

dimo for fleets

No matter your industry, connect your fleet to the future of vehicle ownership.

DIMO extends to fleets of all sizes, from family and friends to commercial-sized fleets.

why dimo

Connect your fleet. Own your data. Earn $DIMO.

Connect any car, truck, or van.

why DIMO

Fleet Discounts

Fleet-specific pricing making it easier to connect your entire fleet. 

why DIMO

Access the DIMO Ecosystem

Our fast-growing ecosystem allows you to receive discounts and rewards for the items you spend the most on.


Are you a fleet owner?

DIMO gives you the ability to connect any type of vehicle, big or small.

Track your rental fleet and maximize the value of every rental period by earning $DIMO.

Help your friends and family connect to DIMO, and reap the benefits of their connection and ecosystem spend.


What are customers saying about our new app

  • DIMO has transformed into the ultimate fleet management solution for my fleet. The precise location tracking feature provided by DIMO has made pickup/drop off for my rental business effortless and its regular health check and visual insights have improved my confidence in renting out my vehicles.

    Turo Fleet Manager

    LMS Logistical Services LLC
  • The connection process was straight forward. The average mile per day has been useful, the mapping is nice because you can see where the vehicles are at without changing back and forth between every vehicle.

    Justin Griggs

    Tesla Fleet Manager
  • The ability to manage all my vehicles and track their data in one app allowed me to see the true value of DIMO very quickly. This was a large reason I decided to build an application on DIMO data, Vehicle Genius.

    Colin Knudsen

    Founder of Vehicle Genius

develop on dimo

Offer Apps & Services  to DIMO-Connected Fleets

Businesses that serve fleets should connect with DIMO to connect with fleet managers using our products.

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