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DIMO partners with innovative mobile vehicle maintenance provider, YourMechanic

February 9, 2023


  • YourMechanic offers mobile vehicle maintenance/service at home or place of business

  • YourMechanic has transparent pricing model and wide-ranging service offerings

  • DIMO users will receive great service and earn $DIMO when getting an oil change, brake pad replacement, tire rotation, or any of the 100s of services YourMechanic offers

  • DIMO users receive 5% off and 50 $DIMO tokens for transactions over $100 by using the promo code DIMO
Book Maintenance and Earn $DIMO (Promo Code: DIMO)

DIMO users know how important it is to pay attention to vehicle data in order to minimize unexpected costs and ensure a long-lasting vehicle ownership. One of the best ways to ensure a vehicle lasts a long time is to stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and repair issues promptly if they should arise. However, servicing a vehicle at the dealership can be long and expensive, and finding a reputable third party repair shop can be difficult.

This is why DIMO is proud to announce a partnership with the mobile repair experts, YourMechanic. YourMechanic, a subsidiary of the growing vehicle service platform Wrench, is a high-tech, low-cost solution to vehicle maintenance and repairs.

As an ecosystem partner, DIMO users receive 5% off, and 50 $DIMO tokens for every transaction over $100 by using the promo code DIMO at checkout. In the near future, we plan to further integrate DIMO data into the YourMechanic service process, enabling DIMO users to save more time and money on their vehicle service needs.

Why YourMechanic?

YourMechnanic is built on two main principles:

1. Ease of use

    YourMechanic is a leading provider of mobile vehicle repairs at your home or office. This means you can skip the lines and long wait times at the dealership or mechanic shop, and have your vehicle serviced at your home or place of business. Even better, YourMechanic services can be booked fully online using their advanced service booking system, or via phone call at your convenience.

    This focus on ease of use makes YourMechanic one of the most innovative, forward-thinking vehicle service providers in the industry, and an easy choice to become a DIMO ecosystem partner.

    2. Transparency 

      One of the more frustrating parts of servicing any vehicle is the lack of insight into the amount you’ll be required to pay for a service or maintenance item. This leads all too often to the situation where drivers are forced to pay more than they expected when it's time to pick up their vehicle. This is not a problem when booking a service with YourMechanic.

      YourMechanic’s focus on transparency throughout the process sets them apart from vehicle service providers. By providing an upfront breakdown of the cost of service BEFORE payment, users can be confident in what they’re paying for and why.

      Overall, YourMechanic’s easy and transparent approach to vehicle maintenance and service is a game-changer, and we’re excited to introduce them as the newest DIMO ecosystem partner.

      What services does YourMechanic offer?

      While YourMechanic offers over 100 different service offerings to hundreds of makes and models, the following service items are their speciality and will result in guaranteed savings:

      Oil Changes

      One of the most fundamental and regular services a vehicle requires is an oil change. This service involves draining the old oil and replacing it with fresh oil to lubricate the engine and keep it running smoothly. Oil changes are typically required every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but this can vary depending on your vehicle and driving conditions. Regular oil changes help to prevent engine damage and extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

      Brake Maintenance

      Another important service for any vehicle owner is brake maintenance. Over time, the brake pads can become worn, reducing the effectiveness of the braking system. This can lead to longer stopping distances, reduced braking power, and even complete brake failure. Regular brake maintenance can help prevent these issues, keeping you and your vehicle safe on the road.

      Tire Rotation and Balancing

      Regular tire maintenance is also critical to the health of your vehicle. Over time, the weight of your vehicle can cause the tires to wear unevenly, reducing their lifespan and affecting the overall performance of your vehicle. Tire rotation and balancing services can help prevent this by redistributing the weight of the vehicle evenly across all four tires.

      Vehicle Diagnostics and Issue Determination

      If you have an error code or something else is wrong with your vehicle, YourMechanic can come to your house or place of business to help diagnose the vehicle, and in some cases, fix it on the spot! This helps avoid costly towing costs and unpredictable repair quotes from 3rd party mechanics or dealership service centers.

      YourMechanic offers 100s of other services as well. For a complete list of services, visit https://www.yourmechanic.com/s...

      While vehicle service or maintenance can be annoying, costly, and time consuming, YourMechanic and DIMO are trying to lessen the burden. By offering mobile service, transparent quotes, and savings exclusive to DIMO users, this partnership is one every DIMO user can and should take advantage of. To get started, visit https://get.yourmechanic.com/dimo and don’t forget to enter the promo code DIMO.

      Book Maintenance and Earn $DIMO (Promo Code: DIMO)
      Written by: Colin Knudsen Ecosystem Revenue Manager

      Colin Knudsen is a car nerd at heart, and in practice. Having bought and sold upwards of 25 personal vehicles, and assisted others with 100s more, Colin is always willing to apply his immense vehicle transaction knowledge to anyone who will listen. Prior to DIMO, he built and maintained a fleet of 50+ vehicles for an automotive recall-awareness startup, and was an integral part of growing the company from 5 employees to 300 in just 18 months.

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