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DIMO Network Launch

December 1, 2022

Today we’re announcing plans for the mainnet launch of DIMO, including an airdrop, ongoing token issuance, token holder governance, and on-chain vehicle minting and pairing. 

There are important actions that you as a user need to take to make sure you are eligible to receive $DIMO! Notably, you’ll need to make sure you have the most up to date version of the DIMO Mobile app or download it for the first time if you aren't connected yet.

What can you do with $DIMO?

$DIMO functions like an airline reward point for your car, but has additional superpowers. It can provide holders with access to special feature upgrades, deals, future hardware and merch drops, events, and more - including the ability to vote on how DIMO works.

Importantly, the token is also used within the ecosystem to create trust and incentive alignment between users, hardware manufacturers, and app developers. Building new devices and services on the network requires staking and spending $DIMO. The intent of $DIMO is to enable a credibly neutral and user-aligned ecosystem, so we're making sure it ends up in the hands of our early and future users.

There are a ton of details on how the airdrop works, eligibility, and more that you can find here. You’ll also find more detail on the utility of the token. We expect that the community will iterate on the functionality and uses of $DIMO as we improve the network over time.

We’re excited to welcome you to the next & most exciting chapter of DIMO yet.

Written by: DIMO Foundation DIMO Foundation

DIMO is building a safer, more open, and zero emission mobility future using innovative incentivization mechanisms.

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