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DIMO Miner Preordering is Open

November 30, 2021

Today we took a big step towards bringing DIMO to the world: you can now preorder a DIMO x AutoPi.io Data Miner and guarantee your position as one of the earliest web3 connected vehicles.

We’ve been testing this hardware in our personal vehicles for months and building the foundation for next-generation mobility apps by:

💻 Working with the AutoPi team to develop custom software and security

📀 Deploying secure data storage infrastructure

📶 Integrating with Streamr for decentralized pub/sub

🔗 Prototyping the Data Union to manage the data we’re collecting (more on this soon)

…and now we’re ready to start onboarding users, with the earliest shipments delivered by December 25th, 2021.

How Can I Order?

Head to App.Dimo.Zone to link your vehicle. Make sure you include the VIN, which you can typically copy off of an insurance card, or directly on your car. Once we’ve confirmed your car is compatible, we’ll reach out with a customized link to Shop.Dimo.Zone.

Why Should I Order Today?

We’re building a whole ecosystem

We’re well underway on developing apps that run on DIMO, and hardware device owners will be able to access them first — this includes the ability to mine tokens by sharing verified data and completing real-world missions (more on that soon).

Also… DIMO is designed to give early adopters the ability to earn meaningful ownership stakes in the network as a whole.

Projects like Helium have been able to build large user-owned networks by issuing token rewards. While we’re not able to make any confirmed announcements about plans for the $DIMO token, you can read through some of our thinking here.

What Can The Miner Do?

As we’re building vehicle supply over the next 2–3 months this technology will remain mostly invisible, collecting anonymized stats and using the test fleet to support the decoding process which will make sure that vehicle data is open and accessible to any app developer.

Behind the scenes, we’re working to make your vehicle better each day. That includes setting up secure over-the-air (OTA) updates, which can deliver the latest and greatest functionality to each device.

2022 is going to bring a number of apps built on DIMO that are designed to make the vehicle ownership experience more secure, cheaper, and fun.

What If I Don’t Have a Compatible Car? 
Unfortunately, not every car is compatible with DIMO today. We’re working to expand support over time, and we’ll publish more details on this soon.

Make sure you create an account and link an ETH address anyways! You can earn rewards for referring users who sign up and connect a car, and we’re going to be releasing opportunities for early users to earn collectibles and pre-reserve future hardware versions.

Stay tuned for more and join the community to get involved building the future of mobility!

Written by: Andy Chatham

Andy Chatham has spent 10 years in the mobility space operating some of the largest autonomous and electric vehicle fleets, and building software used by millions of passengers. Before DIMO, he worked for Transdev managing a team of hundreds working on Waymo—Google’s self-driving car division. He’s also worked across many other domains in the mobility world, helping transit and real estate partners leverage new technologies and deploy mobility-as-a-service solutions.

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