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Get Your Fleet on DIMO

January 31, 2023

DIMO for Fleets is here.

Over the last year we've primarily focused on bringing DIMO to consumers. Most households in the US have at least two cars, and from the getgo we built the app to support multiple vehicles.

A few months ago we started quietly bringing fleets on to DIMO to start learning about their needs and guiding the roadmap towards features those fleet owners and operators would want.

Today, we're opening up the gates to more fleets.
We have some exciting sharing and permissions features on the horizon. We have team ready to support fleet deployments all across our supported markets. We have new pricing and payment options for bulk orders.

Fleet Pricing

If you have a fleet with vehicles that aren’t currently supported by DIMO, please reach out to fleets@dimo.zone to work with us on connecting your entire fleet.

Commercial Fleets on DIMO

Commercial fleets, big or small, practically require a health/location monitoring device like DIMO. Every commercial fleet owner will tell you about the struggles of keeping up with maintenance, and the location of their vehicles. Without technology, it’s almost impossible to avoid overspending (or underspending) at the mechanic.

This makes tracking a fleet of the utmost importance. Other fleet management systems require an expensive monthly subscription, and of course, no other product on the market allows you to earn crypto rewards. This is what sets DIMO apart from the competition.

It’s also important to note, that with some help getting set up, any commercial fleet can have DIMO installed along with any other fleet management OBD2 plugin. Reach out to fleets@dimo.zone if you have a specific inquiry.

These subscription savings coupled with the $DIMO rewards commercial fleets earn once they connect their vehicles makes DIMO a no brainer for any commercial fleet.

*DIMO currently only supports vehicles 2012 or newer, however in the next couple months, we’re expanding to older vehicles, and testing compatibility with a multitude of large commercial vehicles.

Turo Rental Fleets

Connecting a Turo rental fleet to DIMO allows Turo hosts the ability to track all their vehicles’ location, driving telematics, and more in one easy to use app.

Turo rental vehicles often require more maintenance than the average vehicle due to the nature of their usage. With DIMO, you’re able to see what maintenance is required for every car you own in real-time, regardless if they’re not currently running. The DIMO Ecosystem provides powerful cost saving resources, like Vehicle Genius which connects you with an expert in fleet management.

Of course, on top of all that, it’s time to get your fleet to earn $DIMO passively, throughout the year.

Connecting Family and Friends

Having multiple cars or a commercial fleet is not a requirement to take advantage of DIMO benefits. In fact, the most cost-effective way to maximize the value of DIMO may be helping friends and family connect and encouraging them to use DIMO's cost-saving ecosystem partners for their vehicle spend.

By doing this, a person who manages their friends/family’s DIMO connection not only earns rewards for connecting their vehicles, but also for their ecosystem spend. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Coming (very) Soon: Connect and Share

What’s more important than connecting a vehicle? Making sure that the right people have access to the data from it. Over the next few months we’ll be heavily investing in the roles and permissions that users can create and manage on DIMO, meaning you can set up roles like driver, manager, maintenance, owner, and more, which will make managing your fleet easier than ever.

New features are coming this week that will make it even easier for anyone to create a DIMO account and initiate data-sharing between car managers and others. This makes DIMO the perfect solution for fleet owners looking to maximize their earnings. It’s the first step on the road to open fleet management tools.

Written by: Colin Knudsen Ecosystem Revenue Manager

Colin Knudsen is a car nerd at heart, and in practice. Having bought and sold upwards of 25 personal vehicles, and assisted others with 100s more, Colin is always willing to apply his immense vehicle transaction knowledge to anyone who will listen. Prior to DIMO, he built and maintained a fleet of 50+ vehicles for an automotive recall-awareness startup, and was an integral part of growing the company from 5 employees to 300 in just 18 months.

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