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Unlock your Tesla's data for savings and performance

DIMO puts you in total control of your car. Real-time car health metrics, secure location tracking, and rewards through our cost saving marketplace.

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Secure, privacy protected GPS tracking

We give you visuals on your vehicle's location in the palm of your hand. Track your personal car, or your company's entire fleet, all on one map.


Know how much your car is worth. Always.

Teslas are expensive, and have been recently fluctuating in value. We give you real-time valuations, so you can make smarter decisions about all your vehicles, not just your Tesla!

Vehicle maintenance

Unbiased car health metrics

DIMO provides breakdowns of your Tesla data, from a third party reliable source. Battery health, driving stats, and tips all in-app to help you prevent battery degradation and car value depreciation.

Start earning rewards for what you spend on your Tesla. Get started on DIMO today.


DIMO Mobile connects to your Tesla for free. Download and connect in just 5 minutes.

DIMO is the all-in-one car app. Use your car data to access everything from lower monthly payments to at-home car maintenance.

Yes, DIMO connects with every Tesla on the market. Download the app, login with your Tesla account, and get connected for free.

DIMO connects seamlessly via the DIMO Mobile app, giving you control over your data to save money and time. No purchase required, and the set up could not be easier.

DIMO has a reward token that you earn when you connect your car and use the DIMO Marketplace. Book maintenance, shop for insurance, refinance your car, and more, and earn back DIMO Rewards as you go. 

Connect my car

Select your car make and year

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