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Doorbells shouldn't be smarter than your car.

Track diagnostics, read error codes, and manage maintenance in one easy-to-use app. Plus earn DIMO Rewards every step of the way.

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Error codes and diagnostics

We show you what's going on under the hood, right from your phone. Fuel level, battery health, oil life, error code reading, and more. All in one app.


Secure, privacy protected GPS tracking

We give you visuals on your vehicle's location in the palm of your hand. Track your personal car, or your company's entire fleet, all on one map.


Know how much your car is worth. Always.

Cars are expensive, and the market is always changing. We give you real-time valuations, so you can make smarter decisions about your vehicles.


Your most important documents, in one place

Can’t find your insurance number? Wondering when to update your registration? Need info on your last trip to the mechanic? Keep all of your most important documents in the DIMO app.

Ready to change the way you drive?


DIMO is a simple IoT device that you install like a smart home hub for your car.

While the amount of vehicle data available can vary by car, DIMO shows you key metrics to help you take better care of your vehicle.

DIMO works with any car from 2008 or newer. 

Each DIMO device has GPS and a SIM card, meaning your car can stay connected and you can keep track of it wherever it is. 

DIMO has a reward token that you earn when you connect your car and use the DIMO Marketplace. Book maintenance, shop for insurance, refinance your car, and more, and earn back DIMO Rewards as you go. 

Connect my car

Select your car make and year

We'll use this to tell you how you can connect your car to DIMO.