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About DIMO

The user-owned digital ecosystem that’s driving change.

Life behind the wheel is liberating. We took that open road philosophy and built an open-source platform—where real driver data makes technology that’s actually useful, and where everyone involved has their say.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the driving force behind the future of mobility: a future where data shapes infrastructure, emissions are lower, roads are safer, and life behind the wheel is—well, better.

DIMO is for drivers

Drivers: share data on your terms, get rewarded in the long term.

DIMO helps you get more from driving. Save money. Learn how to better take care of your car. And, contribute to a future where driving apps work for vehicle owners, not the companies that build them—just by sharing your data.

DIMO is for developers

Developers: build on the biggest open network of mobility data—ever.

DIMO is teaming up with developers to create a new class of mobility apps. Build on DIMO’s stable, open-source platform and utilize real-world data from the tens of thousands of cars that contribute to the network.

Project overview

A decentralized data-driven ecosystem fuelled by an entire network of drivers.

DIMO is the people-powered movement behind the next generation of mobility services. By connecting drivers and their data with developers and manufacturers, we’re building the largest, most useful IoT network of user-owned devices—starting with cars.

DIMO is decentralized

Something for everyone. And something in it for everyone.

DIMO is an open-source, decentralized project. Anyone that’s part of the DIMO community and holds $DIMO tokens - our network of drivers, developers, car hackers, and partners - has a say in the platform and a part to play in its future.

DIMO roadmap

Our journey

  • Pre-Season: April '21 - December '21

    Seeding DIMO — Initial development and fundraising by Digital Infrastructure Inc.

  • Season 0: January '22 - April '22

    Getting Started — Web and mobile apps, test hardware, and testnet rewards.

  • Season 1: April '22- October '22

    Mainnet Launch — DIMO Vehicle ID, onchain activity for connected users. 

  • Season 2: November '22 - February '23

    Developers and Apps — Shipping more hardware, pilot integrations, governance, and more data.

  • Season 3: February '23 - July '23

    Hardware V2 + Video Support — Open-sourcing the DIMO hardware spec, new hardware and manufacturers.

  • Season 4+

    Scaling Globally — Supporting the global expansion of DIMO as a decentralized ecosystem globally.

2022 2023

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Join a decentralized community of developers and car enthusiasts who are looking to build the next generation of car apps —together. Come along for the ride by joining the DIMO community on Discord.

Seeding DIMO

The DIMO Protocol and Ecosystem is being built by a wide range of contributors.

DIMO careers

Join us on our journey. We saved you a seat.

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On board, and behind us every step of the way.

Amir Haleem Founder & CEO, Helium
Austin Green Cofounder, Llama
Ben Jacobs Managing Partner, Scenius Capital
Jake Chervinsky Executive VP & HP, Blockchain Association
Jonathan Levin Founder & CSO, Chainalysis
Kiran Bhatraju CEO, Arcadia
Mark Joseph CEO, Mobitas Advisors
Mason Borda CEO, Tokensoft
Michael Sena Founder, 3Box Labs
Packy McCormick Founder, Not Boring
Rick Wagoner Ex-CEO, GM
Ro Gupta Cofounder/CEO, CARMERA
Sam Teller Investor, Valor Equity Partners
Trevor McFedries Founder, Brud, FWB
Zach Ware Founder, Freehouse Capital Partners

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