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Welcome to DIMO

DIMO is an open and user-owned IoT network that empowers people to have a better relationship with technology

Our mission

Technology should be empowering rather than confusing or limiting—apps and connected devices should serve people first instead of corporations, and developers should be empowered to build useful tools in the real world.

Use the network

Drivers & Fleets:
put your data to work, get rewarded

DIMO is an open and user-owned network. This means that when businesses use your data, you save time and money and while earning rewards.

Get Connected

DIMO is for developers

Developers: Integrate vehicle data into your product with less effort

Any car connected to DIMO has a digital twin with its verified history attached. That data is shared when users opt in to your app or service. Allow users to share data with you in one click.

Project overview

Explore DIMO.

Drivers all over the world are already connected to the network. Enterprises can easily offer services to these cars by tapping into the same protocol, the rewards, and the userbase.

Built on DIMO

Join the open IoT movement

Enterprises and developers building hardware or auto services can not only use the DIMO platform, but govern it too, ensuring long-term alignment between the community of drivers and the companies that want to build great products for them.

Get involved

Connect & build. Contribute to DIMO.

Join a community of developers and car enthusiasts who are looking to build the next generation of car apps — together. Come along for the ride by joining the DIMO community on Discord.

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